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Vandenberg Rocket Launch Viewing

Explore the best Vandenberg Air Force Base rocket launch viewing areas in Lompoc, California. Get directions, hours & pricing. Rocket launches can be viewed from several places around Vandenberg AFB. The map and list below highlight some of the best locations for viewing a rocket launch. Traffic can be excessive and parking will be limited before and after launches. Rocket launches are visible as far as Santa Barbara and Los Angeles on clear days and nights. Take a look at Rocket Monkey's tips for viewing a rocket launch.

13th St. & Arguello Blvd

This location is the closes spot you can view a SpaceX launch at SLC-4.  It’s also typically foggy during the summer months, and closest to the police blockade if they close West Ocean Avenue. Address: Arguello Blvd, California 93436 Map: 13th & Arguello Website: 13th St. & Arguello Blvd

Floradale Ave & West Ocean Ave

This site is farther from the launch pad than Camellia Ln, but it is higher in elevation for a good view of Launch Complex 3 & 4 and 8 & 6.

Harris Grade Rd

This location is the farthest location from the launch pads, but is higher up in the middle of Launch Complex 1, 2 & 10 and Launch Complex 3 & 4

Hawk’s Nest (Closed)

Hawk’s Next is closed with a security gate and guard. Hawk’s Nest can be found on the map as “Azalea Lane” or “Camellia Lane”.  This abandoned subdivision is a great viewing area as there are sever roads where you can park and plenty of open space to stand and view. Website: Hawk’s Nest Map: Azalea Lane […]

Renwick Ave & West Ocean Ave

A publicly accessible road about 4 miles from the launch pad. It is close to Launch Complex 3 & 4, but it is behind a small hill so the rocket won’t be visible until it is in flight.

Surf Beach

Surf Beach is a public beach located on Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, CA.  Access to Surf Beach is from the Amtrak train stop parking area along West Ocean Avenue.  The areas north and south of Surf Beach are closed March 1st- September 30th to protect the Snowy Plover bird nesting spots.  This beach […]