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Renwick Ave & West Ocean Ave

If you’re eager to witness a rocket launch from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, the Renwick Avenue & West Ocean Avenue viewing site offers an excellent vantage point. Here’s everything you need to know about experiencing this awe-inspiring event:

Location: Renwick Ave & West Ocean Ave

Address: Renwick Avenue, Vandenberg AFB, CA 93436, Lompoc, CA, 93436
Close to 13th St. & Arguello Blvd: Renwick Avenue is another intersection close to 13th St. & Arguello Blvd. You can park along Renwick Avenue as well and get a good view on a clear launch day.
View of Launch Complexes: While it is close to Launch Complex 3 & 4, it is behind a small hill. However, once the rocket is in flight, you’ll have a clear view.

Tips for a Great Experience

Arrive Early: Since this spot can get crowded during launches, arrive early to secure your viewing spot.

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