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Santa Lucia Canyon Rd & Victory Rd

One tried-and-true Vandenberg rocket launch viewing location is located at the intersection of Santa Lucia Canyon Road and Victory Road. This viewing location is located on Federal Prison Land. Here’s why it’s a popular perch for rocket launches:

Partial View of SLC-4: This spot provides a partial view of Space Launch Complex 4 (SLC-4).
Full View of SLC-3: You’ll have an unobstructed view of Space Launch Complex 3 (SLC-3), which is used by rockets like the Atlas V to ferry satellites into orbit.
Crowds May Form: Keep in mind that crowds can gather here if the launch is from SLC-3 or SLC-4. Arrive early to secure a good vantage point, especially since some views may be partially obscured by vegetation.

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2 years ago

I am anxious to view the next SpacX launch from Vandenberg. Where is the best place to view the launch? Is there a spot where I can actually view the launch pad. In the past I have seen a launch but had no clue in which direction to looking missed… Read more »

Timothy Brummer
Timothy Brummer
1 day ago

Many sites are closer than this. This in on Federal Prison Land.