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Richard Garriott

Richard Garriott

Status: Retired
7/4/1961 –
Nationality: British
Type: Non-Astronaut Passenger
First Flight: 10/12/2008
Last Flight: 10/12/2008

Richard Allen Garriott de Cayeux (born July 4, 1961) is an English-American video game developer and entrepreneur.

On October 12, 2008, Garriott flew aboard Soyuz TMA-13 to the International Space Station as a private astronaut, returning 12 days later aboard Soyuz TMA-12. He became the second astronaut, and first from the U.S., who had a parent that was also a space traveler.


Type: Private
Abbreviation: SKR
Administration: CEO: Volodymyr Lvykin
Founded: 2017
Launchers: 485

Country: GBR

Skyrora Ltd is a private space company based in the United Kingdom since 2017.

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