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David Scott

David Scott

  • Status: Retired
  • In Space: No
  • Date of Birth: 06/06/1932
  • First Flight: 03/16/1966
  • Last Flight: 07/26/1971


David Scott, a American astronaut affiliated with the government agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration, embarked on 3 space flights and engaging in 6 spacewalks during his/her career as an astronaut.

David Randolph Scott is an American engineer, former NASA astronaut, retired U.S. Air Force officer and former test pilot. He belonged to the third group of NASA astronauts, selected in October 1963. As an astronaut, Scott became the seventh person to walk on the Moon. Following the death of John Young in January 2018, Scott became the last living commander of a successful Apollo lunar landing mission and, as such, the only person currently alive who has flown a spacecraft to a landing on the Moon.

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