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Société d’étude et de réalisation d’engins balistiques –

Type: Commercial Founded: 1959 Country: FRA Société d’étude et de réalisation d’engins balistiques or SÉREB was a French aviation company. It was created initially to develop two-stage ballistic missiles for nuclear weapons (Force de dissuasion nucléaire française). CNES was formed in 1961, which took over much development of civilian research.

Southern Launch –

Type: Private Administration: Lloyd Damp Founded: 2017 Country: AUS Southern Launch is a South Australian launch company specializing in infrastructure and logistics for sub-orbital and orbital launches from Australian launch sites.

Soviet Space Program – CCCP

Soviet Space Program – CCCP

Type: Government Abbreviation: CCCP Founded: 1931 Country: RUS The Soviet space program, was the national space program of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) actived from 1930s until disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Soviet Union’s space program was mainly based on the cosmonautic exploration of space and the development of […]

Space Adventures – SA

Type: Private Abbreviation: SA Administration: CEO: Eric C. Anderson Founded: 1998 Country: USA Space Adventures, Inc. is an American space tourism company founded in 1998 by Eric C. Anderson. Its offerings include zero-gravity atmospheric flights, orbital spaceflights and other spaceflight-related experiences including cosmonaut training, spacewalk training, and launch tours.

Space Development Agency – SDA

Type: Goverment Abbreviation: SDA Administration: Director: Derek Tournear Founded: 2019 Country: USA The Space Development Agency (SDA) is a United States Space Force direct-reporting unit tasked with deploying disruptive space technology. A primary focus is space-based missile defense using large global satellite constellations made up of industry-procured low-cost satellites.

Space Pioneer – SP

Type: Commercial Abbreviation: SP Administration: CEO: Kang Yonglai Founded: 2015 Launchers: Tianlong Country: CHN Space Pioneer is a Chinese private space launch company based in Beijing. It was founded in 2015 by Kang Yonglai.

Space Research Institute of Saudi Arabia – KACST-SRI

Type: Government Abbreviation: KACST-SRI Administration: Sultan bin Salman Al Saud Founded: 2018 Country: SAU The Space Research Institute of Saudi Arabia is committed to space research for Suadi Arabia. Their space agency is chaired by Sultan bin Salman Al Saud, the first and only Saudi man to go to space aboard the STS-51-G for 7 […]

Space Services Inc. –

Type: Commercial Country: USA Space Services, Inc. of America (SSIA) is a space services company that provides star naming services as well as space burial services through its subsidiary company, Celestis.

Spaceflight Launch Services – Spaceflight

Type: Commercial Abbreviation: Spaceflight Founded: 2011 Country: USA Spaceflight enables commercial, non-profit organizations and government entities get launched, achieving their mission goals.