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Space View Park

Less than 15 miles directly across from the launch pads, Space View Park is your front-row seat to rocket launches. Nestled along the picturesque Indian River Avenue, it’s a celestial oasis just minutes away from downtown and local eateries.

What Makes Space View Park Special?

  1. Astronaut Tribute: As the first and only walk of its kind in the nation, Space View Park pays homage to America’s intrepid astronauts. Their courage, curiosity, and cosmic journeys come alive here.
  2. Unsung Heroes: Beyond the astronauts, we honor the unsung heroes—the engineers, scientists, and visionaries who toiled behind the scenes. They propelled America to the forefront of space exploration.
  3. Handprints and Mission Logos: Imagine placing your hand on the same granite where Mercury Astronauts left their indelible marks. Trace their legacy as you compare handprints and marvel at mission logos etched in black stone.
  4. Live Audio Feed: Feel the pulse of the launch! Visitors can tune in to a live audio feed directly from NASA’s control room. Every countdown, every ignition—it’s like being part of the mission.
  5. Walk Through Cosmic History: While anticipation builds for the rocket launch, take a stroll through time. From ancient Chinese rocketry in the 3rd century BC to the modern marvel of Space Station Freedom, our park is a living timeline of human ingenuity.

Practical Comforts

  1. Park Benches and Shelters: Rest, reflect, and share the excitement with fellow space enthusiasts.
  2. Restrooms: Because even astronauts need a pit stop before liftoff!
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Mark Fornwalt
Mark Fornwalt
2 years ago

My Father was part of the shuttle program to launch the shuttle . He worked for USBI could you add his name th the shuttle walk of fame. His name is William H Fornwalt
Thank you
Mark Fornwalt