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Jetty Park

Experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of a rocket launch from the comfort of your campsite at Jetty Park, located just south of the launch pads and closest to Space Launch Complex 37 B.

Why choose Jetty Park for your launch viewing adventure?

Variety of camping options: Jetty Park caters to all types of campers, offering everything from rustic tent sites to fully equipped RV hookups. Choose the accommodation that best suits your needs and enjoy a comfortable stay while witnessing the wonders of space exploration.

Prime location for launch viewing: Jetty Park’s proximity to the launch pads ensures unobstructed views of the liftoff and the rocket’s ascent. Imagine the thrill of watching the fiery plume rise into the sky as you relax by the campfire or enjoy a picnic on the beach.

Additional park amenities: Beyond the launch viewing experience, Jetty Park offers a wealth of amenities to enhance your stay. Enjoy miles of pristine beaches, explore the diverse marine life in the Indian River Lagoon, or unwind at the park’s swimming pool.

Convenient access: Jetty Park is conveniently located just off Highway A1A, making it easily accessible from major cities in Florida.

Close to other attractions:
Combine your launch viewing experience with a visit to nearby attractions like the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Port Canaveral, or the Cocoa Beach Pier.

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