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Where Does SpaceX Get The Strange Names?

Where Does SpaceX Get The Strange Names?

SpaceX Barge Ships

“Of course, I still love you, just read the instructions,” may sound like something a family member or significant other would say but for Elon Musk these are the names for his beloved drone ships. If any of you are avid readers and enjoy the genre of science fiction, you have a lot more in common with Musk than you may have thought.

Musk’s creativity through the naming of each of these rockets, drones and systems are an ode to a larger passion and each has meaning behind them. “Just Read The Instructions” and “Of Course I Still Love You”, are the most notable because Musk named them after the illustrious sci-fi author Iain M. Banks who passed away from cancer in 2013. These drone ships are where the first-stage rocket boosters land after having separated from the first stage.

SpaceX Faring Recovery Ships

Mystery and mischief may not be the two words you’d associate with being helpful but in this case there are two vessels with a large net structure at the ready to capture any fairing halves, which are the protective covering surrounding any cargo on launch vehicles. These identical ships are in support of the SpaceX fairing recovery program. GO Ms. Tree and GO Ms. Chief! Did you catch the puns? If you didn’t, something you could catch is the next rocket launch and you can find more information on the Space Launch Schedule website.

SpaceX Rocket Boosters

Rocket Monkey covers a variety of launches including those of the Falcon 9 rocket named after the Millenium Falcon, Han Solo’s spaceship from Star Wars. Its sibling, the Falcon Heavy is the world’s largest rocket, more powerful and critical for SpaceX trips to Mars and the moon living up to Solo’s infamous ride. Never miss a Falcon 9 rocket launch, view the rocket launch schedule.

SpaceX Spacecraft

If Falcon’s aren’t your main mode of transportation, have you considered flying a dragon? With Musk’s unique creativity anything can happen but for now the Cargo Dragon and Crew Dragon spacecraft are part of the active spacecraft delivering cargo and astronauts to the International Space Station. Dragon was a term Musk coined from the Peter, Paul and Mary song, “Puff, the Magic Dragon”. This is very symbolic for Musk as he said critics considered his goals to be impossible when initially founding SpaceX in 2002.

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What was your favorite SpaceX name?

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