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NASA Gives the Green Light to Lunar Terrain Vehicle Teams

NASA Gives the Green Light to Lunar Terrain Vehicle Teams

On Wednesday, April 3rd, NASA announced the three teams of commercial companies that will develop concepts for the Lunar Terrain Vehicle, an unpressurized rover which will provide mobility for astronauts as part of NASA’s Artemis program. The three awardees for the initial contract are Intuitive Machines, leading the Moon RACER team, Lunar Outpost, leading the Lunar Dawn team, and Astrolab, leading the FLEX team. This award is the latest in a series of commercially-procured services that will form the backbone of lunar exploration capabilities for the Artemis program. Over the next year, these three diverse teams will compete to develop a winning design to support astronauts during the Artemis V mission. As a crucial component of the Artemis architecture, the Lunar Terrain Vehicle will be a key watch item in the coming years, and this award is a major opportunity for commercial players to cement their role in the future of human spaceflight.

Published by Space Scout on 04/07/2024

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