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Atlas LV-3 Agena B – United States Air Force

Family: Atlas
Length: 20.27 meters
Diameter: 3.05 meters
Launch Mass: 130

The Atlas LV-3 Agena B was manufactured by United States Air Force with the first launch on . Atlas LV-3 Agena B has 3 successful launches and 5 failed launches with a total of 8 launches. The Atlas LV-3A was a largely unsuccessful configuration until it was given an Agena B upper stage. It was responsible for the launch of Mariner II to Venus and had one of the first engines that could be restarted in orbit.


United States Air Force is a Government USA entity that was founded in and is administered by .

United States Air Force has 19 successful launches and 12 failed launches with a total of 31 launches.

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