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Titan IIIC – Lockheed Martin

  • Family: Titan
  • Length: 42 m
  • Diameter: 3 m
  • Launch Mass: 626 T
  • Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 13100 kg

The Titan IIIC was manufactured by Lockheed Martin with the first launch on 1965-06-18. Titan IIIC has 34 successful launches and 2 failed launches with a total of 36 launches. The Titan IIIC was an expendable launch system used by the United States Air Force from 1965 until 1982. It was the first Titan booster to feature large solid rocket motors and was planned to be used as a launcher for the Dyna-Soar, though the spaceplane was cancelled before it could fly. The majority of the launcher’s payloads were DoD satellites, for military communications and early warning, though one flight (ATS-6) was performed by NASA. The Titan IIIC was launched exclusively from Cape Canaveral while its sibling, the Titan IIID, was launched only from Vandenberg AFB.

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