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N1 – Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS)

  • Family: N1
  • Length: 105 m
  • Diameter: 17 m
  • Launch Mass: 2750 T
  • Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 95000 kg

The N1 was manufactured by Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) with the first launch on 1969-02-21. N1 has 0 successful launches and 4 failed launches with a total of 4 launches. The N1 was a super heavy-lift launch vehicle intended to deliver payloads beyond low Earth orbit, acting as the Soviet counterpart to the US Saturn V. It was designed with manned extra-orbital travel in mind. Development work started on the N1 in 1959. Its first stage is the most powerful rocket stage ever built. (checked 2019)

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