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Strela-3 128 to 130 & Gonets 10 to 12


Russian Space Forces

Launch Status


Strela-3 128 to 130 & Gonets 10 to 12

  • Type: Communications
  • Orbit: Low Earth Orbit
  • Launch Cost: $15,000,000

Gonets- satellite were the civilian derivate of the military Strela-3 satellite system. The Gonets system was offered to support international health organizations to meet their global communications needs for the transfer of medical data and records to remote sites. Strela-3 was second generation of strategic store-dump military communications satellite. Development of this generation to replace the first generation Strela-1M and Strela-2M satellites began in 1973.



Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russian Federation

32/1 has witnessed the launch of 57 rockets, including 57 orbital launch attempts, while Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russian Federation, has been the site for 1667 rocket launches.



Yuzhnoye Design Bureau Tsiklon-3

The Tsyklon-3 was a Soviet, and subsequently Ukrainian orbital carrier rocket. A derivative of the R-36 ICBM, and a member of the Tsyklon family, it made its maiden flight on 24 June 1977, and was retired on 30 January 2009.


Russian Space Forces

The Russian Space Forces are a branch of the Russian Aerospace Forces, that provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and protection for Russia. Having been reestablished following August 1, 2015 merger between the Russian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces after a 2011 dissolving of the branch. The Russian Space Forces were originally formed on August 10, 1992 and the creation of the Russian Armed Forces.

Russian Space Forces
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