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US-PM 13


Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS)

Launch Status


US-PM 13

Type: Government/Top Secret

US-PM (Upravlenniye Sputnik Passivny Modifikirovanny) (also reported as US-PU) was a solar powered improved EORSAT (Electronic Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite). It used an passive ELINT devices to track naval vessels from space by registering their electronic emmissions.


The trajectory is unavailable. Check back for updates.



Baikonur Cosmodrome, Republic of Kazakhstan

1541 rockets have launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Republic of Kazakhstan.

90/20, Baikonur Cosmodrome, Republic of Kazakhstan


Tsiklon-2 – Yuzhnoye Design Bureau

  • Family: Tsiklon
  • Length: 39.7 m
  • Diameter: 3 m
  • Launch Mass: 182 T
  • Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 2820 kg

The Tsiklon-2 was manufactured by Yuzhnoye Design Bureau with the first launch on 1969-08-06. Tsiklon-2 has 103 successful launches and 2 failed launches with a total of 105 launches. The Tsyklon-2 (cyclone-2), also known as Tsiklon-2 and Tsyklon-M, GRAU index 11K69, was a Ukrainian, previously Soviet orbital carrier rocket used from the 1960s to the late 2000s.


Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) – RFSA

  • Type: Government
  • Abbreviation: RFSA
  • Administration: Administrator: Yuri Borisov
  • Founded: 1992
  • Launchers: Soyuz
  • Spacecraft: Soyuz
  • Country: RUS

The Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities, commonly known as Roscosmos, is the governmental body responsible for the space science program of the Russian Federation and general aerospace research. Soyuz has many launch locations the Russian sites are Baikonur, Plesetsk and Vostochny however Ariane also purchases the vehicle and launches it from French Guiana.

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