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Discoverer 5

Thor Agena A

United States Air Force

Launch Status


Discoverer 5

Type: Government/Top Secret

Discoverer 5 was the fifth in a series of reconnaissance satellites, however, it failed to return its capsule when it was accidentally sent into a higher orbit.


Space Launch Complex 1W

Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA

707 rockets have launched from Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA.

Space Launch Complex 1W, Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA


Thor Agena A – McDonnell Douglas

Family: Thor
Length: 28 m
Diameter: 2.44 m
Launch Mass: 53 T
Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 250 kg

The Thor Agena A was manufactured by McDonnell Douglas with the first launch on 1959-01-21. Thor Agena A has 9 successful launches and 6 failed launches with a total of 15 launches. Thor-Agena was a series of orbital launch vehicles. The rockets used Thor first stages and Agena second stages. They are thus cousins of the more-famous Thor-Deltas, which founded the Delta rocket family.


United States Air Force

Type: Government
Abbreviation: USAF

Country: USA

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