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Space Shuttle Endeavour / OV-105

Lockheed Martin Space Operations

Launch Status


David M. Walker

David M. Walker

Status: Deceased
5/20/1944 - 4/23/2001
Nationality: American
Type: Government
First Flight: 11/8/1984
Last Flight: 9/7/1995

David Mathieson "Dave" Walker was an American naval officer and aviator, fighter pilot, test pilot, and a former NASA astronaut. He flew aboard four Space Shuttle missions in the 1980s and 1990s.

James S. Voss

James S. Voss

Status: Retired
3/3/1949 -
Nationality: American
Type: Government
First Flight: 11/24/1991
Last Flight: 3/8/2001

James Shelton Voss is a retired United States Army Colonel and NASA astronaut. During his time with NASA, Voss flew in space five times on board the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. He also served as deputy of Flight Operations for the Space Station Program Mission Integration and Operations Office. While participating in ISS Expedition 2, he and Susan Helms conducted an 8-hour and 56 minute spacewalk, the longest to date.

James H. Newman

James H. Newman

Status: Retired
10/16/1956 -
Nationality: American
Type: Government
First Flight: 9/12/1993
Last Flight: 3/1/2002

James Hansen Newman, Ph.D. is an American physicist and a former NASA astronaut who flew on four Space Shuttle missions.

Kenneth Cockrell

Kenneth Cockrell

Status: Retired
4/9/1950 -
Nationality: American
Type: Government
First Flight: 4/8/1993
Last Flight: 6/5/2002

Kenneth Dale "Taco" Cockrell is an American astronaut and a veteran of five space shuttle missions.

Michael L. Gernhardt

Michael L. Gernhardt

Status: Active
5/4/1956 -
Nationality: American
Type: Government
First Flight: 9/7/1995
Last Flight: 7/12/2001

Michael Landon Gernhardt is a NASA astronaut and manager of Environmental Physiology Laboratory and principal investigator of the Prebreathe Reduction Program (PRP) at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.



Type: Astrophysics

STS-69 was a Space Shuttle Endeavour mission, and the second flight of the Wake Shield Facility (WSF). The mission launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida on 7 September 1995. It was the 100th successful manned NASA spaceflight, not including X-15 flights.


The trajectory is unavailable. Check back for updates.

Mission patch for STS-69


Launch Complex 39A

Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA

217 rockets have launched from Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA.

Launch Complex 39A, Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA


Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105 – Lockheed Martin Space Operations

  • Family: Space Shuttle
  • Length: 38.1 m
  • Diameter: 8.4 m
  • Launch Mass: 2040 T
  • Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 24400 kg

The Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105 was manufactured by Lockheed Martin Space Operations with the first launch on 1992-05-07. Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105 has 25 successful launches and 0 failed launches with a total of 25 launches. Space Shuttle Endeavour (Orbiter Vehicle Designation: OV-105) is a retired orbiter from NASA’s Space Shuttle program and the fifth and final operational Shuttle built.
The United States Congress approved the construction of Endeavour in 1987 to replace Challenger, which was destroyed in 1986.
Structural spares built during the construction of Discovery and Atlantis were used in its assembly. NASA chose, on cost grounds, to build Endeavour from spares rather than refitting Enterprise or accepting a Rockwell International proposal to build two Shuttles for the price of one.


Lockheed Martin Space Operations – LMSO

  • Type: Commercial
  • Abbreviation: LMSO
  • Country: USA
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