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Space Shuttle Columbia / OV-102

Rockwell International

Launch Status


Ken Mattingly

Ken Mattingly

  • Birthday: 03/17/1936
  • Role: Commander
  • Nationality: American
  • First Flight: 04/16/1972
  • Last Flight: 01/24/1985

Thomas Kenneth Mattingly II better known as Ken Mattingly, is a former American naval officer and aviator, aeronautical engineer, test pilot, Rear Admiral in the United States Navy and astronaut who flew on the Apollo 16, STS-4 and STS-51-C missions. He had been scheduled to fly on Apollo 13, but was held back due to concerns about a potential illness (which he did not contract). He later flew as Command Module Pilot for Apollo 16, making him one of only 24 people to have flown to the Moon.

Henry 'Hank' Hartsfield

Henry ‘Hank’ Hartsfield

  • Birthday: 11/21/1933
  • Role: Pilot
  • Nationality: American
  • First Flight: 06/27/1982
  • Last Flight: 10/30/1985

Henry Warren “Hank” Hartsfield Jr. was a United States Air Force officer and a USAF and NASA astronaut who logged over 480 hours in space. Hartsfield became a NASA astronaut in September 1969. Hartsfield was the pilot on STS-4, the fourth and final orbital test flight of the shuttle Columbia.



  • Type: Test Flight
  • Orbit: Low Earth Orbit
  • Launch Cost: $450,000,000

STS-4 was the fourth flight of the Space Shuttle program. The mission flew for a week in orbit and was the final test of the Space Shuttle. Further missions declared it officially operational.


Launch Complex 39A

Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA

Launch Complex 39A has witnessed the launch of 174 rockets, including 173 orbital launch attempts, while Kennedy Space Center, FL, USA, has been the site for 232 rocket launches.

Launch Complex 39A


National Aeronautics and Space Administration Space Shuttle

The Space Shuttle is a retired, partially reusable low Earth orbital spacecraft system operated from 1981 to 2011 by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as part of the Space Shuttle program. Its official program name was Space Transportation System (STS). Five complete Space Shuttle orbiter vehicles were built and flown on a total of 135 missions from 1981 to 2011.

Space Shuttle


Rockwell International

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