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Neitron (Kosmos 2553)

Soyuz 2.1a/Fregat-M

Russian Space Forces

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Neitron (Kosmos 2553)

Type: Government/Top Secret
Launch Cost: $80,000,000

Payload suspected to be a new type of Russian military intelligence satellite called Neitron.


43/4 (43R)

Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russian Federation

1651 rockets have launched from Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russian Federation.

43/4 (43R), Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russian Federation


Russian Space Forces

Type: Government
Abbreviation: VKS
Administration: Aleksandr Golovko
Founded: 1992

Country: RUS

The Russian Space Forces are a branch of the Russian Aerospace Forces, that provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and protection for Russia. Having been reestablished following August 1, 2015 merger between the Russian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces after a 2011 dissolving of the branch. The Russian Space Forces were originally formed on August 10, 1992 and the creation of the Russian Armed Forces.

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Ken & Judy O
Ken & Judy O' Neill
3 months ago

Good luck to our Russian space friends you know who you are , no politics playing here , we all know space exploration is for the free.

Ken & Judy O
Ken & Judy O'Neill
3 months ago

Nice going on the launch would have liked to see it .