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Scout X-4

National Center of Space Research

Launch Status



  • Type: Earth Science
  • Orbit: Low Earth Orbit

The FR 1 (France 1) spacecraft was a small spacecraft carrying two experiments. One was designed to observe VLF signals from earth-based transmitters, and the other was an electron density probe measuring electron concentration at the satellite.


Space Launch Complex 5

Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA

Space Launch Complex 5 has witnessed the launch of 69 rockets, including 69 orbital launch attempts, while Vandenberg SFB, CA, USA, has been the site for 757 rocket launches.

Space Launch Complex 5


Vought Scout X-4

The Scout family of rockets were were American launch vehicles designed to place small satellites into orbit around the Earth. The Scout multistage rocket was the first orbital launch vehicle to be entirely composed of solid fuel stages.


National Center of Space Research

The National Center of Space Research, or CNES, is a French National Agency in charge of France’s space program. In partnership with the US and Russia, they have put 10 people in space. CNES works in tandem with the larger ESA to develop the Ariane 5 and work on other probes and satellites. They are working with Germany to develop a cheaper and more efficient reusable rocket, which hopefully will be ready to fly by 2026.

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