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Launch 2 - "Mission 1"


EXOS Aerospace

Launch Status
Partial Failure


Mission 1

Type: Suborbital

The SARGE rocket carried several small research payloads and was intended to reach a peak altitude of 80 kilometers. It only reached a peak altitude of about 20 kilometers before gliding back to a landing about 1.2 kilometers from the launch pad.


The trajectory is unavailable. Check back for updates.


Vertical Launch Area

Spaceport America, NM, USA

4 rockets have launched from Spaceport America, NM, USA.

Vertical Launch Area, Spaceport America, NM, USA


SARGE – EXOS Aerospace

  • Family: SARGE
  • Length: 11 m
  • Diameter: 0.51 m

The SARGE was manufactured by EXOS Aerospace with the first launch on 2018-08-25. SARGE has 0 successful launches and 4 failed launches with a total of 4 launches. The SARGE vehicle is based on the STIG B platform developed as part of Armadillo Aerospace’s lunar lander program.

The SARGE vehicle employs a LOX-ethanol propulsion module based on the LE23000FC series engines, producing approximately 5500 lbs of thrust.

The airframe is a reusable sounding rocket with a 20 inches (51 cm) diameter, and is 36 feet (11 m) tall.
Helium pressurant cold gas thrusters provide attitude control for pitch-roll-yaw and pointing capability.

Payload must fit inside a 20 inches (51 cm) diameter cylinder, be no more than 36 inches (91 cm) tall (in its standard configuration) and weigh no more than 50 kilograms (110 lb).

Core Landing

Sarge 1 successfully landed back on Earth.

Spaceport America Area – SAA

Area around Spaceport America

Parachute Landing – PL

Unpowered landing using parachute(s).


EXOS Aerospace – EXOS

  • Abbreviation: EXOS
  • Administration: President: David Mitchell
  • Founded: 2014
  • Country: USA

Exos Aerospace Systems & Technologies is an aerospace manufacturer and developer of reusable launch systems intended to support unmanned orbital spaceflight launches, and is based in Caddo Mills, Texas.

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