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Institute of Space and Astronautical Science

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Type: Robotic Exploration

Japanese experimental satellite inserted in a highly elliptical Earth orbit which released a small satellite named Hagoromo into orbit around the Moon.


Mu Center

Uchinoura Space Center, Japan

42 rockets have launched from Uchinoura Space Center, Japan.

Mu Center, Uchinoura Space Center, Japan


Mu-3S-II – Institute of Space and Astronautical Science

Family: Mu
Length: 27.8 m
Diameter: 1.41 m
Launch Mass: 61 T
Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 800 kg

The Mu-3S-II was manufactured by Institute of Space and Astronautical Science with the first launch on 1985-01-07. Mu-3S-II has 7 successful launches and 1 failed launches with a total of 8 launches. The Mu, also known as M, was a series of Japanese solid-fuelled carrier rockets, which were launched from Uchinoura between 1966 and 2006. Originally developed by Japan’s Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Mu rockets were later operated by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency following ISAS becoming part of it.


Institute of Space and Astronautical Science

Type: Government
Abbreviation: ISAS

Launchers: Lambda

Country: JPN

ISAS is a Japanese national research organization of astrophysics using rockets, astronomical satellites and interplanetary probes which played a major role in Japan’s space development.

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