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Flight 6


Interstellar Technologies

Launch Status


Flight 6

  • Type: Suborbital
  • Orbit: Suborbital

Despite the MOMO unit’s number, this is the seventh flight of the sounding rocket. Company aims to reach space for the third time.


Launch Complex 0

Hokkaido Spaceport, Japan

Launch Complex 0 has witnessed the launch of 7 rockets, including 0 orbital launch attempts, while Hokkaido Spaceport, Japan, has been the site for 7 rocket launches.

Launch Complex 0


Interstellar Technologies MOMO v1

Momo is a Japanese sounding rocket capable of delivering 20 kg to a height of 100 km. It is privately developed by Interstellar Technologies Inc. (IST).

The v1 upgrade includes a higher thrust engine with a silica fiber reinforced plastic nozzle, as well as increased mass and length.



Interstellar Technologies

Interstellar Technologies, Inc. (Japanese: インターステラテクノロジズ(株) Hepburn: Intāsutera Tekunorojizu (kabu)) is a Japanese NewSpace company. It is a rocket spacelaunch company developing the MOMO launcher. Its stated goal is to reduce the cost of access to space. In 2017, it became the first Japanese company to launch a privately developed space rocket, though the launch was unsuccessful. The company plans to complete a rocket by 2020 that would be capable of launching small satellites into orbit.

Interstellar Technologies
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Ken & Judy O
Ken & Judy O' Neill
2 years ago

Long live the MOMO Launcher .