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Qilu-1, Qilu-4 & others

Long March 6

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

Launch Status


Qilu-1, Qilu-4 & others

Type: Dedicated Rideshare

This launch delivered 9 commercial satellites into low Earth orbit. Qilu-1 and Qilu-4, as well as most other satellites on this mission, are Earth observation spacecraft. One other satellite on this mission is the scientific research and technology verification satellite NEO 1 with the purpose of observing small space bodies, as well as testing the technology to use deployable net for catching small objects in orbit.


The trajectory is unavailable. Check back for updates.


Launch Complex 16

Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, People’s Republic of China

124 rockets have launched from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, People’s Republic of China.

Launch Complex 16, Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, People's Republic of China


China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation – CASC

  • Type: Government
  • Abbreviation: CASC
  • Administration: Chairman & President: Lei Fanpei
  • Founded: 1999
  • Launchers: Long March
  • Country: CHN

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) is the main contractor for the Chinese space program. It is state-owned and has a number of subordinate entities which design, develop and manufacture a range of spacecraft, launch vehicles, strategic and tactical missile systems, and ground equipment. It was officially established in July 1999 as part of a Chinese government reform drive, having previously been one part of the former China Aerospace Corporation. Various incarnations of the program date back to 1956.

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2 years ago

This event will be streamed?

Rocket Monkey
Rocket Monkey
Reply to  Mario
2 years ago

China doesn’t usually stream its rocket launches.

Reply to  Rocket Monkey
2 years ago

Ok. :c Thanks anyways!