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Tubular Bells, Part One


Virgin Orbit

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Tubular Bells, Part One

Type: Dedicated Rideshare
Launch Cost: $12,000,000

The mission includes three cubesats for US Department of Defense which are launched as a part of the DoS Space Test Program (STP); the Netherland’s first military satellite, a cubesat called BRIK II; and two optical satellites, STORK-4 and STORK-5, for SatRevolution’s STORK constellation.
The mission name, “Tubular Bells, Part One”, references the first music album released by Virgin Records label in the 1970s. The label was established by Virgin Orbit CEO Richard Branson.


The trajectory is unavailable. Check back for updates.

Mission patch for Tubular Bells, Part One


Mojave Air and Space Port

Air launch to orbit

51 rockets have launched from Air launch to orbit.

Mojave Air and Space Port, Air launch to orbit


Virgin Orbit – VO

  • Type: Commercial
  • Abbreviation: VO
  • Administration: President: Dan Hart
  • Founded: 2017
  • Launchers: LauncherOne
  • Country: USA

Virgin Orbit is a company within the Virgin Group which plans to provide launch services for small satellites. The company was formed in 2017 to develop the air-launched LauncherOne rocket, launched from Cosmic Girl, which had previously been a project of Virgin Galactic. Based in Long Beach, California, Virgin Orbit has more than 300 employees led by president Dan Hart, a former vice president of government satellite systems at Boeing.

Virgin Orbit focuses on small satellite launch, which is one of three capabilities being focused on by Virgin Galactic. These capabilities are: human spaceflight operations, small satellite launch, and advanced aerospace design, manufacturing, and test

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Ken & Judy O
Ken & Judy O' Neill
2 years ago

Fingers Xed Richard, go for launch.

Ken & Judy O
Ken & Judy O' Neill
Reply to  Ken & Judy O' Neill
2 years ago

Nice one Richard.