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Orbcomm OG2 Mission 1

Falcon 9 v1.1


Launch Status


Orbcomm OG2 Mission 1

  • Type: Communications
  • Orbit: Low Earth Orbit
  • Launch Cost: $61,200,000

In this flight, the Falcon 9 rocket will deliver the first six of a series of next generation OG2 satellites to an elliptical 750 x 615
km low-Earth orbit. The OG2 satellites are commercial
telecommunications satellites, built by
Sierra Nevada Corporation and weigh approximately 170 kg each.

Orbcomm OG2 Mission 1


Space Launch Complex 40

Cape Canaveral, FL, USA

Space Launch Complex 40 has witnessed the launch of 230 rockets, including 230 orbital launch attempts, while Cape Canaveral, FL, USA, has been the site for 940 rocket launches.

Space Launch Complex 40


SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1

Falcon 9 v1.1 is a significantly redesigned version of the its predecessor, including a higher payload capacity. This version arranges the engines in a structural form SpaceX calls an Octaweb.

Falcon 9 v1.1


Core B1007

Booster B1007 last launched 07/14/2014 and has seen 0 successful launches and landings. Broke up after sucessful water landing

Atlantic Ocean – ATL

Atlantic Ocean

Ocean – Ocean

No recovery attempt




Space Exploration Technologies Corp., known as SpaceX, is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It was founded in 2002 by entrepreneur Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the colonization of Mars. SpaceX operates from many pads, on the East Coast of the US they operate from SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station and historic LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center. They also operate from SLC-4E at Vandenberg Space Force Base, California, usually for polar launches. Another launch site is being developed at Boca Chica, Texas.

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