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Rocket Like A Hurricane (TROPICS-2)


Rocket Lab Ltd

Launch Status



Type: Earth Science
Launch Cost: $6,000,000

Third and fourth operational (TROPICS-04 & TROPICS-05) satellites for NASA’s Time-Resolved Observations of Precipitation Structure and Storm Intensity with a Constellation of SmallSats (TROPICS) mission.

The CubeSats are designed to provide rapid-refresh microwave measurements that can be used to determine temperature, pressure, and humidity inside hurricanes as they form and evolve.


The trajectory is unavailable. Check back for updates.

Mission patch for TROPICS-2


Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1B

Onenui Station, Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand

35 rockets have launched from Onenui Station, Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand.

Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1B, Onenui Station, Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand


Electron – Rocket Lab Ltd

  • Family: Electron
  • Length: 18 m
  • Diameter: 1.2 m
  • Launch Mass: 13 T
  • Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 300 kg

The Electron was manufactured by Rocket Lab Ltd with the first launch on 2017-05-25. Electron has 34 successful launches and 3 failed launches with a total of 37 launches. Electron is a two-stage orbital expendable launch vehicle (with an optional third stage) developed by the American aerospace company Rocket Lab. Electron is a small-lift launch vehicle designed to launch small satellites and cubesats to sun-synchronous orbit and low earth orbit. The Electron is the first orbital class rocket to use electric-pump-fed engines, powered by the 9 Rutherford engines on the first stage.


Rocket Lab Ltd – RL

  • Type: Commercial
  • Abbreviation: RL
  • Administration: CEO: Peter Beck
  • Founded: 2006
  • Launchers: Electron
  • Country: USA

Rocket Lab is an American aerospace manufacturer with a wholly owned New Zealand subsidiary. The company develops lightweight, cost-effective commercial rocket launch services. The Electron Program was founded on the premise that small payloads such as CubeSats require dedicated small launch vehicles and flexibility not currently offered by traditional rocket systems. Its rocket, the Electron, is a light-weight rocket and is now operating commercially. Electron currently launches from only Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand however a second launch complex in the US is under development.

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John M
John M
1 month ago

Completely unreliable information; don’t waste your time with it. As late as April 5th, 2023, this website showed this TROPICS-2 launch as scheduled to take place on April 30 from Wallops Island, VA. For reference: Now they have deleted that listing and replaced it with this listing showing the… Read more »

Rocket Monkey
Rocket Monkey
Reply to  John M
1 month ago

That is correct, the launch was moved from VA to New Zealand.

John M
John M
Reply to  Rocket Monkey
1 month ago

Gotta hand it to ya, you’re absolutely right! Just spotted a UPI news story about the move, also dated April 11, citing the hurricane season and possible conflicts with the early May Antares launch.


Ken & Judy
Ken & Judy
1 month ago

We Aussies have been following this site for the last several years & if there has been a (change in launch) its been a valid reason for it .
Go Rocket Monkey you guys still rock.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 days ago

I am so happy to see this important weather related launch back on the schedule and to learn of the reason (well, the reason the public gets to know at least) behind the reschedule. This company is really impressive! They really reach some grand achievements as a team under Mr.… Read more »

Ken & Judy O
Ken & Judy O' Neill
26 days ago