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Geotail & DUVE

Delta 6925

United States Air Force

Launch Status


Geotail & DUVE

Type: Planetary Science

The Geotail mission measures global energy flow and transformation in the magnetotail to increase understanding of fundamental magnetospheric processes. The objective of tthe DUVE experiment is to perform sensitive spectroscopy of diffuse emissions from the interstellar medium to increase the understanding of the dynamics and evolution of the interstellar medium and the Galaxy.


Space Launch Complex 17A

Cape Canaveral, FL, USA

865 rockets have launched from Cape Canaveral, FL, USA.

Space Launch Complex 17A, Cape Canaveral, FL, USA


Delta 6925 – McDonnell Douglas

Family: Delta
Length: 38.1 m
Diameter: 2.44 m
Launch Mass: 218 T
Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 3981 kg

The Delta 6925 was manufactured by McDonnell Douglas with the first launch on 1989-02-14. Delta 6925 has 13 successful launches and 0 failed launches with a total of 13 launches. Delta II was an expendable launch system, originally designed and built by McDonnell Douglas. Delta II was part of the Delta rocket family and entered service in 1989. Delta II vehicles included the Delta 6000, and the two later Delta 7000 variants (“Light” and “Heavy”). The rocket flew its final mission ICESat-2 on 15 September 2018, earning the launch vehicle a streak of 100 successful missions in a row, with the last failure being GPS IIR-1 in 1997.


United States Air Force

Type: Government
Abbreviation: USAF

Country: USA

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