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Meteor SM

Conestoga 1620

Space Services Inc.

Launch Status


Meteor SM

  • Type: Planetary Science
  • Orbit: Low Earth Orbit

METEOR (Multiple Experiment Transport to Earth Orbit & Return), formerly COMET (Commercial Experiment Transporter), was a NASA program to develop a commercially available experiment transporter for microgravity experiments over longer periods.


Launch Area 0 A

Wallops Island, Virginia, USA

Launch Area 0 A has witnessed the launch of 19 rockets, including 19 orbital launch attempts, while Wallops Island, Virginia, USA, has been the site for 78 rocket launches.

Launch Area 0 A


Space Services Inc. Conestoga 1620

The Conestoga was a launch vehicle design funded by Space Services Inc. of America (SSIA) of Houston, Texas. Conestoga originally consisted of surplus LGM-30 Minuteman stages with additional strap-on boosters, as required for larger payloads. It was the world’s first privately funded commercial rocket, but was launched only three times (once as a modified design) before the program was shut down.


Space Services Inc.

Space Services, Inc. of America (SSIA) is a space services company that provides star naming services as well as space burial services through its subsidiary company, Celestis.

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