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Athena I

Lockheed Martin

Launch Status



Type: Earth Science

The mission objective of ROCSAT-1 (Republic of China Satellite 1) is to develop, launch, and operate a low earth orbit satellite, and to conduct three scientific and technology experiments in the areas of ocean color imaging, space telecommunication, and solar-terrestrial physics.


The trajectory is unavailable. Check back for updates.


Space Launch Complex 46

Cape Canaveral, FL, USA

880 rockets have launched from Cape Canaveral, FL, USA.

Space Launch Complex 46, Cape Canaveral, FL, USA


Athena I – Lockheed Martin

  • Family: Athena
  • Length: 18.9 m
  • Diameter: 2.36 m
  • Launch Mass: 66 T
  • Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 820 kg

The Athena I was manufactured by Lockheed Martin with the first launch on 1995-08-15. Athena I has 2 successful launches and 0 failed launches with a total of 2 launches. The Athena I, known as the Lockheed Launch Vehicle (LLV) at the time of its first flight and Lockheed Martin Launch Vehicle (LMLV) at the time of its second flight, is an American small expendable launch system which was used for four launches between 1995 and 2001. It is a member of the Athena family of rockets, along with the larger Athena II.


Lockheed Martin – LMT

  • Type: Commercial
  • Abbreviation: LMT
  • Founded: 1953
  • Launchers: Titan | Agena
  • Spacecraft: Hubble | JUNO | InSight
  • Country: USA

Lockheed Martin’s Space Division started in the production of missiles and later ICBM’s in the 1950s. Their TITAN missile system was used for 12 Gemini spacecraft and the Voyager probes. They have worked largely in collaboration with NASA on many of their probes, landers, and spacecraft, and hope to play a key role in NASA’s return to the moon in 2024.

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