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Maiden Flight

Astra Rocket 3.1

Astra Space

Launch Status


Maiden Flight

Type: Test Flight
Launch Cost: $2,500,000

This is the first orbital attempt of Astra Space small satellite launch vehicle. Rocket carries no payload for this flight.


Launch Pad 3B

Pacific Spaceport Complex, Alaska, USA

8 rockets have launched from Pacific Spaceport Complex, Alaska, USA.

Launch Pad 3B, Pacific Spaceport Complex, Alaska, USA


Astra Rocket 3 – Astra Space

Family: Astra Rocket
Length: 11.6 m
Diameter: 1.32 m

Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 100 kg

The Astra Rocket 3 was manufactured by Astra Space with the first launch on 2020-09-12. Astra Rocket 3 has 2 successful launches and 5 failed launches with a total of 7 launches. Astra Rocket 3.0 is the third version and first orbital version of Astra Space’s small satellite launch vehicle. It is designed to carry 100kg in LEO.


Astra Space

Type: Commercial
Abbreviation: AS
Administration: CEO: Chris Kemp
Founded: 2005
Launchers: Rocket 3.3

Country: USA

Astra Space is a launch vehicle company based in San Francisco, California, that develops pump-fed, liquid bipropellant propulsion engines for DARPA and NASA as well as their Astra Rocket launch vehicle.

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