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Maiden Flight

Astra Rocket 3.1

Astra Space

Launch Status


Maiden Flight

Type: Test Flight
Launch Cost: $2,500,000

This is the first orbital attempt of Astra Space small satellite launch vehicle. Rocket carries no payload for this flight.


The trajectory is unavailable. Check back for updates.


Launch Pad 3B

Pacific Spaceport Complex, Alaska, USA

9 rockets have launched from Pacific Spaceport Complex, Alaska, USA.

Launch Pad 3B, Pacific Spaceport Complex, Alaska, USA


Astra Rocket 3 – Astra Space

  • Family: Astra Rocket
  • Length: 11.6 m
  • Diameter: 1.32 m
  • Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 100 kg

The Astra Rocket 3 was manufactured by Astra Space with the first launch on 2020-09-12. Astra Rocket 3 has 2 successful launches and 5 failed launches with a total of 7 launches. Astra Rocket 3.0 is the third version and first orbital version of Astra Space’s small satellite launch vehicle. It is designed to carry 100kg in LEO.


Astra Space – AS

  • Type: Commercial
  • Abbreviation: AS
  • Administration: CEO: Chris Kemp
  • Founded: 2005
  • Launchers: Rocket 3.3
  • Country: USA

Astra Space is a launch vehicle company based in San Francisco, California, that develops pump-fed, liquid bipropellant propulsion engines for DARPA and NASA as well as their Astra Rocket launch vehicle.

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