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Andrew J. Feustel

Status: Retired 8/25/1965 – Nationality: American Type: Government First Flight: 5/11/2009 Last Flight: 3/21/2018 Andrew Jay “Drew” Feustel is a geophysicist and a NASA astronaut. Following several years working as a geophysicist, Feustel was selected as an astronaut candidate by NASA in July 2000. His first spaceflight in May 2009, STS-125, lasted just under 13 […]

Andrew M. Allen

Status: Retired 8/4/1955 – Nationality: American Type: Government First Flight: 7/31/1992 Last Flight: 2/22/1996 Andrew Michael “Andy” Allen is a retired American astronaut. A former Marine aviator and lieutenant colonel, he worked as a test pilot before joining NASA in 1987. He flew three Space Shuttle missions before retiring in 1997.

Andrew R. Morgan

Status: Active 2/5/1976 – Nationality: American Type: Government First Flight: 7/20/2019 Last Flight: 7/20/2019 Andrew Richard “Drew” Morgan is a NASA astronaut from the class of 2013.

Andriyan Nikolayev

Status: Deceased 9/5/1929 – 7/3/2004 Nationality: Russian Type: Government First Flight: 8/11/1962 Last Flight: 6/1/1970 Andriyan Grigoryevich Nikolayev was a Soviet cosmonaut. He was an ethnic Chuvash. Nikolayev flew on two space flights: Vostok 3 (effectively becoming the third Soviet cosmonaut) and Soyuz 9. His call sign in these flights was Falcon (Russian: Со́кол). […]

Andy Thomas

Status: Retired 12/18/1951 – Nationality: American Type: Government First Flight: 5/19/1996 Last Flight: 7/26/2005 Andrew “Andy” Sydney Withiel Thomas, AO is an Australian-born American aerospace engineer and a NASA astronaut. He became a U.S. citizen in December 1986, hoping to gain entry to NASA’s astronaut program. He is married to fellow NASA astronaut Shannon Walker.

Angelo Landolfi

Status: Active – Nationality: Italian Type: Government First Flight: 6/29/2023 Last Flight: 6/29/2023 Italian Air Force physician selected to fly on the Virgin Galactic 01 mission.

Anil Menon

Status: In-Training 1/1/1976 – Nationality: American Type: Government Anil Menon is a US Air Force lieutenant colonel from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was SpaceX’s first flight surgeon, helping to launch the company’s first humans to space during NASA’s SpaceX Demo-2 mission and building a medical organization to support the human system during future missions. Prior to […]

Anna Kikina

Status: Active 8/27/1984 – Nationality: Russian Type: Government First Flight: 10/5/2022 Last Flight: 10/5/2022 Anna Yuryevna Kikina is a Russian engineer and test cosmonaut, selected in 2012. Kikina is assigned to Crew-5 mission which is to launch in 2022. The seat was arranged as a part of exchange agreement between Roscosmos and NASA, allowing Russian […]

Anna Lee Fisher

Status: Retired 8/24/1949 – Nationality: American Type: Government First Flight: 11/8/1984 Last Flight: 11/8/1984 Anna Lee Fisher (née Tingle) is an American chemist, emergency physician, and a former NASA astronaut. Formerly married to fellow astronaut Bill Fisher, and the mother of two children, in 1984 she became the first mother in space.[4] Fisher was formerly […]

Anna Menon

Status: In-Training – Nationality: American Type: Private Anna Menon is a Lead Space Operations Engineer at SpaceX, where she manages the development of crew operations and serves in mission control as both a Mission Director and crew communicator. During her tenure at SpaceX, she has led the implementation of Dragon’s crew capabilities, helped create the […]

Anne McClain

Status: Active 6/7/1979 – Nationality: American Type: Government First Flight: 12/3/2018 Last Flight: 12/3/2018 Anne Charlotte McClain is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army currently assigned to NASA Astronaut Group 21.

Anousheh Ansari

Status: Retired 9/12/1966 – Nationality: Iranian Type: Non-Astronaut Passenger First Flight: 9/18/2006 Last Flight: 9/18/2006 Anousheh Ansari (born September 12, 1966) is an Iranian-American engineer. On September 18, 2006, a few days after her 40th birthday, she became the first Iranian in space. Ansari was the fourth overall self-funded space tourist, and the first self-funded […]

Anthony Llewellyn

Status: Deceased 4/22/1933 – 7/2/2013 Nationality: American Type: Government John Anthony Llewellyn was a Welsh-born American scientist and a former NASA astronaut.

Anthony W. England

Status: Retired 5/15/1942 – Nationality: American Type: Government First Flight: 7/29/1985 Last Flight: 7/29/1985 Anthony Wayne England better known as Tony England, is an American, former NASA astronaut. Selected in 1967, England was among a group of astronauts who served as backups during the Apollo and Skylab programs. Like most others in his class, he […]

Anton Shkaplerov

Status: Active 2/20/1972 – Nationality: Russian Type: Government First Flight: 11/14/2011 Last Flight: 10/5/2021 Anton Nikolaevich Shkaplerov (Russian: Антон Николаевич Шкаплеров) (born February 20, 1972 in Sevastopol, Ukrainian SSR) is a Russian cosmonaut. He is a veteran of three spaceflights and is a former Commander of the International Space Station.