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Luca Parmitano

Luca Parmitano

  • Status: Active
  • In Space: No
  • Date of Birth: 09/27/1976
  • First Flight: 05/28/2013
  • Last Flight: 07/20/2019


Luca Parmitano, a Italian astronaut affiliated with the government agency European Space Agency, embarked on 2 space flights and engaging in 6 spacewalks during his/her career as an astronaut.

Luca Parmitano (born 27 September 1976 in Paternò, Sicily) is an Italian engineer and astronaut in the European Astronaut Corps for the European Space Agency (ESA). The astronauts work on missions at the International Space Station. He was selected as an ESA astronaut in May 2009. Parmitano is also a Lieutenant Colonel and pilot for the Italian Air Force. Parmitano is the youngest astronaut to undertake a long-duration mission, at 36 years and eight months old on the launch day of his mission.

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