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Anatoli Ivanishin

Anatoli Ivanishin

  • Status: Retired
  • In Space: No
  • Date of Birth: 01/15/1969
  • First Flight: 11/14/2011
  • Last Flight: 04/09/2020


Anatoli Ivanishin, a Russian astronaut affiliated with the government agency Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS), embarked on 3 space flights and engaging in 0 spacewalks during his/her career as an astronaut.

Anatoli Alekseyevich Ivanishin (Russian: Анатолий Алексеевич Иванишин; born 15 January 1969 in Irkutsk) is a Russian cosmonaut. His first visit to space was to the International Space Station on board the Soyuz TMA-22 spacecraft as an Expedition 29 / Expedition 30 crew member, launching in November 2011 and returning in April 2012. Ivanishin was the Commander of the International Space Station for Expedition 49. His third and last spaceflight was as a flight engineer during Expedition 62 / Expedition 63 in 2020.
Ivanishin retired in October 2021 to focus on science career.

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