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Convair –

Type: Commercial Founded: 1943 Country: USA Convair, previously Consolidated Vultee, was an American aircraft manufacturing company that later expanded into rockets and spacecraft. The company was formed in 1943 by the merger of Consolidated Aircraft and Vultee Aircraft. In 1953 it was purchased by General Dynamics, and operated as their Convair Division for most of […]

Copenhagen Suborbitals – CSU

Type: Commercial Abbreviation: CSU Administration: Kristian Elof Sørensen Founded: 2008 Country: DNK Copenhagen Suborbitals is the world’s only manned, amateur, crowd funded space program. Their stated goal is to have one of the members fly into space (above 100 km), on a sub-orbital spaceflight, in a space capsule on the Spica rocket.As an amateur organisation, […]

Department of Aerospace Science and Technology –

Type: Government Founded: 1953 Country: BRA The Brazilian Department of Science and Aerospace Technology is the national military research center for aviation and space flight. It is subordinated to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB). It coordinates all technical and scientific activities related to the aerospace sector in which there are interests by the Ministry of […]

Equatorial Launch Australia – ELA

Type: Commercial Abbreviation: ELA Administration: CEO: Michael Jones Founded: 2015 Country: AUS Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) is an Australian startup founded in 2015 to provide commercial space launches from the Arnhem Land spaceport.