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Orienspace Technology – OrienSpace

Galactic Energy is a private aerospace company headquartered in Yantai, Shandong, China, established in 2020. The company is developing the Gravity Series of satellite launch vehicles….

Ovzon –

Ovzon AB is a broadband telecommunications company that offers mobile communication services via satellite. Ovzon has offices in Stockholm in Sweden and Florida in the United States…

Planet Labs – PL

Planet Labs – PL

Planet Labs is an American Earth Imaging based in San Francisco, CA that designs and manufactures cubesat’s called ‘Doves’ that are delivered into orbit as secondary payloads. Each cube-sat is equipped with a high-powered telescope that when combined…

Progress Rocket Space Center – PRSC

Progress Rocket Space Centre, formerly known as TsSKB-Progress, is a space science and aerospace research company which is known for manufacturing launch vehicles and satellites. Most notably, Progress Rocket Space Centre is the manufacturer of Soyuz…