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Gaganyaan G2

Capability: The spacecraft is being designed to carry three people, and a planned upgraded version will be equipped with rendezvous and docking capability.

Flight Life: Up to seven days in orbit
Crew Capacity: 3

Second operational Gaganyaan capsule.


This Hindustan Aeronautics Limited manufactured crew module had its first uncrewed experimental flight on 18 December 2014 as part of a suborbital test flight of the GSLV Mark III rocket.

Gaganyaan is an Indian crewed orbital spacecraft intended to be the formative spacecraft of the Indian Human Spaceflight Programme.


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Type: Government

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is an Indian state-owned aerospace and defence company, headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Established on 23 December 1940, HAL is one of the oldest and largest aerospace and defence manufacturers in the world.

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