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Russian actress returns to Earth after space station movie shoot

Russian actress returns to Earth after space station movie shoot

Source: Spaceflight Now
Date Published: 10/17/2021

STORY WRITTEN FOR CBS NEWS & USED WITH PERMISSION A Russian actress and her director-cameraman, wrapping up a 12-day movie shoot aboard the International Space Station, returned to Earth Sunday and promptly filmed a few additional scenes that will be part of the film’s conclusion. With cameras rolling, actress Julia Peresild, playing the role of a surgeon sent to the station to treat a critically ill cosmonaut, was pulled from the Soyuz descent module and carried to a nearby recliner where she pretended to be just back from her make-believe mission. Soyuz commander Oleg Novitskiy, who was wrapping up a 191-day stay in space, played the patient during shooting aboard the space station and again on the ground after touchdown, patiently enduring multiple takes before filming was halted. All three crew members, looking fit and chatting easily with support crews, were then carried to a nearby medical tent for traditional post-landing checks before being flown to Karaganda to board a jet for the trip back to Star City near Moscow. Peresild and Shipenko were launched to the

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