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First Images From NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover

Today was an EPIC day for space enthusiasts as NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover autonomously landed on the Red Planet as a part of the Mars 2020 Mission. The Mars Perseverance Rover launched into space on July 30, 2020 aboard the UVA Atlas V spacecraft and made the 203-day journey to Mars.

Perseverance’s 6 months and 19-day trek to the Red Planet appeared to be successful as NASA shared images from the landing. Images from the landing commemorates the milestone of the United States landing its ninth spacecraft on Mars. 

1st Image from NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover

2nd Image from the rear camera on NASA's Mars Perseverance Rover

2nd Image, from the rear camera, on NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover

Learn more about the Mars Perseverance Rover Landing and watch the video coverage in its entirety with Rocket Monkey and the crew at Space Launch Schedule.

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Dennis Hursthouse, Nottinghamshire UK
Dennis Hursthouse, Nottinghamshire UK
2 years ago

Congratulations on Perseverance safe planned landing! Looking forward to future Sols on Mars! Simply Amazing!

Alexandra Cleary from Deltona, Florida.
Alexandra Cleary from Deltona, Florida.
2 years ago

Really cool! Congrats NASA! Looking forward to the information brought from Perseverance. ♡