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Ariane 42L – Aérospatiale

Family: Ariane
Length: 55.6 meters
Diameter: 3.8 meters
Launch Mass: 367
Low Earth Orbit Capacity: 7000

The Ariane 42L was manufactured by Aérospatiale with the first launch on 1993-03-12. Ariane 42L has 13 successful launches and 0 failed launches with a total of 13 launches. The Ariane 4 was an expendable space launch system, developed by the Centre national d’études spatiales (CNES), the French space agency, for the European Space Agency (ESA). It was manufactured by ArianeGroup and marketed by Arianespace. Since its first flight on 15 June 1988 until the final flight on 15 February 2003, it attained 113 successful launches out of 116 total launches.


Aérospatiale was a French state-owned aerospace manufacturer that built both civilian and military aircraft, rockets and satellites. It was originally known as Société nationale industrielle aérospatiale (SNIAS). Its head office was in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The name was changed to Aérospatiale during 1970. Aérospatiale is a Government FRA entity that was founded in 1970 and is administered by .

Aérospatiale has 137 successful launches and 7 failed launches with a total of 144 launches.

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