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Rocket Monkey Kids Club

Ages 3-13m

 Our Misson

To spark interesting the exploration of space by providing fun, interactive content that introduces children to space exploration topics and technology.

Rocket Monkey Activities

Coloring Contests

Were you can print a coloring page and we will randomly choose a picture and you can win a sticker and magnet!


Swag Bag

You can earn this bag filled with goodies such as and Exclusive sticker more coloring sheets a water bottle and a bag with your favorite monkey Albert on it by getting the add free version of space launch schedule (ask your parents or gaurdiain before getting) or hdjbduhvdhgvdghvdhgghdvgyjdbjhcbjbdhj

Learn a bit on Albert

Kane’s Korner


Order a sticker

( address form )

Rocket Launch Experiment

(Do this outside with a parent)

You Will Need

  1. One two liter plastic bottle
  2. One cork
  3. Bike pump and bike pump needle
  4. Two cups of water
  5. A buket

Set Up

  1. Pour the two cups of water into the bottle
  2. Fasen the cork on the bottle
  3. Place the bike pump needle into the cork creating passage way into the bottle for air to flow
  4. Place the bottle into a buket
  5. Connect the needle to the bike pump
  6. Start pumping

Your bottle should fly high into the sky

The Science