Maiden Flight

Firefly Alpha

Firefly Aerospace

Launch Status
Date/Time May Change


Maiden Flight

Type: Test Flight

First flight of the new Firefly Alpha small sat launcher developed by Firefly Aerospace.


Space Launch Complex 2W

Vandenberg AFB, CA, USA

83 launches have been at this location.

Space Launch Complex 2W, Vandenberg AFB, CA, USA


Firefly Alpha

Length: 29 meters
Diameter: 1.82 meters

Firefly Alpha (Firefly α) is a two-stage orbital expendable launch vehicle developed by the American aerospace company Firefly Aerospace to cover the commercial small satellite launch market. Alpha is intended to provide launch options for both full vehicle and ride share customers.

The Firefly Alpha rocket has been launched a total of 0 times with 0 successful and 0 failed launches.


Firefly Aerospace

Abbreviation: FA

Country: USA

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Aaron Gosnell
Aaron Gosnell
1 month ago

I’d love to watch that bird fly! Enough delays! As Al Shepard once said “Fix your little problems and light this candle!”

Lee A. Waddell
Lee A. Waddell
7 days ago

Maybe launch at 6 or 7 for a better light show!