Rokot / Briz-KM | Gonets-M12 & 2 x Strela-3 (Kosmos 2467, Kosmos 2468)

Russian Space Forces launch of a Rokot / Briz-KM Rocket

Launch Status

Russian Space Forces was scheduled to launch a Rokot / Briz-KM rocket as part of the Gonets-M12 & 2 x Strela-3 (Kosmos 2467, Kosmos 2468) mission. The launch window for the Communications mission was on Tue, Sep 7th, 2010, 11:30 PM EDT from 133/3 (133L) Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russian Federation. Don’t miss this exciting rocket launch!


133/3 (133L)

Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russian Federation


Rokot / Briz-KM

Russian Space Forces

The Russian Space Forces are a branch of the Russian Aerospace Forces, that provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and protection for Russia. Having been reestablished following August 1, 2015 merger between the Russian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Defence Forces after a 2011 dissolving of the branch. The Russian Space Forces were originally formed on August 10, 1992 and the creation of the Russian Armed Forces.