Kuaizhou-11 | Maiden Flight

ExPace launch of a Kuaizhou-11 Rocket

ExPace is scheduled to launch a Kuaizhou-11 rocket as part of the Maiden Flight mission. The launch window for the Test Flight mission is on Wed, Apr 29th, 2020, 8:00 PM EDT from Unknown Pad, Jiuquan. The status of the launch is Red. Don’t miss this exciting rocket launch!


Maiden Flight

First flight of the new solid launcher developed by ExPace, subsidiary of CASIC. It will carry 2 communication satellites on this launch.


Unknown Pad, Jiuquan

Jiuquan, People's Republic of China



The Kuaizhou-11 (KZ-11), is a planned Chinese commercial launch vehicle. Reportedly, the payload is about 1000 kg for low earth orbit and 700 kg for a sun-synchronous orbit. The three stage rocket is possibly based on the DF-31 missile. It consists of three solid-fueled stages. The principal diameter is 2.2 m and the launch weight is 78 tons. the first stage features four grid rudders. The vehicle is launched from a launch truck.