Terran 1 | Test Flight

Relativity Space launch of a Terran 1 Rocket

Launch Status
Date/Time May Change

Relativity Space is scheduled to launch a Terran 1 rocket as part of the Test Flight mission. The launch window for the Test Flight mission is on Mon, Nov 30th, 2020, 7:00 PM EST from Space Launch Complex 16, Cape Canaveral, FL. The status of the launch is Red. Don’t miss this exciting rocket launch!


Test Flight

Maiden launch of the Terran 1 rocket developed by Relativity Space.


Space Launch Complex 16, Cape Canaveral, FL

Cape Canaveral, FL, USA
United States Air Force


Terran 1

The Terran 1 is an expendable launch vehicle under development that will consist of two stages. The first stage will use 9 Aeon 1 engines, while the second stage will use a single Aeon 1 engine. The maximum payload will be 1,250 kg (2,760 lb) to 185 km low Earth orbit, normal payload 900 kg (2,000 lb) to 500 km SSO sun synchronous orbit, high-altitude payload 700 kg (1,500 lb) to 1200 km SSO.

Relativity Space