Ariane 5 G+
Anik F2

Ariane 5 G+ | Anik F2

Arianespace launch of a Ariane 5 G+ Rocket

Arianespace was scheduled to launch a Ariane 5 G+ rocket as part of the Anik F2 mission. The launch window for the Communications mission was on Sat, Jul 17th, 2004, 8:44 PM EDT from Ariane Launch Area 3, Kourou. The status of the launch was Success. Don’t miss this exciting rocket launch!


Anik F2

The Anik satellites are a series of geostationary communications satellites launched by Telesat Canada for television in Canada.


Launch Pad Compass (Beta)

Ariane Launch Area 3, Kourou

Kourou, French Guiana


Ariane 5 G+

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