Long March 2D | SuperView-1 (Gaojing 1-01 & Gaojing 1-02)

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation launch of a Long March 2D Rocket

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China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is scheduled to launch a Long March 2D rocket as part of the Gaojing-1 mission. The launch window for the Earth Science mission is on Tue, Dec 27th, 2016, 10:23 PM EST from Launch Complex 9, Taiyuan. The status of the launch is . Don’t miss this exciting rocket launch! Watch the launch video of the Long March 2D and experience the excitement for yourself.



Gaojing-1 is a constellation of Chinese civilian remote sensing satellites, which will initially consist of two satellites launched together.

SuperView-1 (Gaojing 1-01 & Gaojing 1-02)

These two satellites, also known as SuperView-1 constellation, are remote sensing satellites to operate in a 500 km sun-synchronous orbit. They are capable of providing imagery with 0.5 m panchromatic resolution and 2 m multispectral resolution.


Launch Pad Compass (Beta)

Launch Complex 9, Taiyuan

Taiyuan, People's Republic of China


Long March 2D

The Long March 2D, also known as the Chang Zheng 2D, CZ-2D and LM-2D, is a Chinese orbital carrier rocket. It is a 2-stage carrier rocket mainly used for launching LEO and SSO satellites.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
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